I don’t know the winner to the drawing/contest yet, as Rich hasn’t added all of the email photos to facebook.  Once he does that, we can go to random.org and have them choose a number based on the total number of entries.  Takes all the guess work out of it and I won’t feel like I picked someone I know on purpose since I have no input.

Today I finished the last of the Easter cards.  I like to make sure my cards are last minutes, so I made ones to send to our family and hope they like them.  I have a couple of packages that I’ve been meaning to mail to friends and viewers, and just haven’t gotten to the post office, so tomorrow, after choosing the winner, I’m going to box up the basket and it’s contents, and get everything read to go into the mail.

Another call to my rheumatologist (whose on vacation) and more vague ideas on how to reduce the swelling.  It’s been working as long as I stay on higher doses of steroids, but once I drop down, the swelling gets a lot worse, Drat… Just thought I’d update you on the arthritis issues….Hope all of you are well..

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