I finished the waterfall Easter cards I’ve been working on.  I was a little bit frustrated, because the woman I was following, missed one part of the explanation, so my waterfalls would get stuck on the last two flips.  Nothing more frustrating than a card that doesn’t work.  So I kept ripping it apart, and finally added another piece of cardstock (where you can’t see it, and got it to the point where the fourth flip almost looks perfect.  I’ll let you be the judge of it when you see it in action.

I made two cards, so I could iron out that mistake.  The real problem was, she didn’t tell you exactly where to lay a strip of cardstock that you ultimately glued things to.  Since I put it in the wrong spot, gluing the waterfall in place was problematic.

Let’s just say that’s one I’m not going to be playing with again.  Although it did look pretty frisky with the little bunnies I put on it in the end.  I hope you like it and if Rich would give me back the memory card with the first half of the card on it, I could write my notes and we could get that bad boy uploaded.  Don’t hope for it before tomorrow or even Saturday…it’s going to be an Easter present for you. haha…

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