I’ve gotten a lot of entries for our contest, and am so glad I extended the deadline to midnight tonight.  There are so many unbelievable projects and I’m so impressed with the skills my viewers possess.  It’s really amazing.  They should be the ones to have a YouTube channel, as so many of their projects are far and away better than anything I’ve ever made.   (I’m not trying to degrade my own abilities, I’m just saying, these are amazing works of art!)

Rich is working to get the waterfall card uploaded before Easter, and I seriously think he’ll be cutting it kind of close, as he has just started, and volunteered to help friends move into their new home tomorrow, so will be busy all day.  You might end up seeing that video on Sunday.  It’s an Easter miracle!

As for upcoming projects, I’m going to make a small flip book album that shouldn’t take a lot of time to make, and I promised a viewer that I would make a hummingbird card, and am trying to think of a new and different way to make it.  I don’t want the same old, same old, hummingbird.  I want this card to really pop.  Since my last hummingbird was done on vellum, I have a long way to go to create something more interesting. I’m still in the thought process of it though.

I ordered some brush markers today from Amazon, as I’ve seen so many people use the Zig ones, but I wanted to see if inexpensive ones would work as well.  I went to a site that rated brush markers and these were their top choice, and there are sixty of them for under $22.  So plenty of color options at not a bad price.  I really hope I like them.  I had bought the Zigs when they released initially, but hated them.  I hope these make me happy, so I’m crossing my fingers and will let you know how it goes.


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