I think it’s really wonderful that I have so many kind and thoughtful viewers.  One of them, sent me a box of embellishments she had created, as well as (literally) hundreds of small envelopes her girlfriend had sent to her.  She had no idea what to do with them and hoped I could come up with some ideas.  So today I sat down and started playing with them and have come up with two ideas that are fast and fun.  I made small mini-albums out of some of them and then had the idea to use business envelopes for my card size, and create cards with a note in each envelope.  I think I already talked about this (or maybe I just imagined that I did), and am really looking forward to getting started.

My cousin Shelli, and her good friend Linda, (from the fairy garden video), will be coming to visit this week, and we’re still trying to come up with ideas of things we can create together.  Obviously we can make cards, but it’s always fun to find new crafts that we can try together, and that’s our plan.  I’ve given her some ideas and so far we’re still thinking.

4 thoughts on “4/8/2018

  1. I would like to make a suggestion to you which you may even like to pass on to your viewers, in regards to the envelopes. I volunteer in a Hospice Shop here in NZ. My friend and I make pretty envelopes and small paper gift boxes which are used when we sell a piece of jewelry. Often the piece is intended as a gift or even if it is something the customer is buying for themselves they really appreciate being given one of these lovely envelopes or a pretty , small box. There is no charge for these but my friend also makes packs of lovely decorated gift bags which we price and they sell well. We also make cards to sell. I am sure that you have many Charity Shops who would really appreciate something like this. It is a positive way to help our communities and it gives paper crafters another outlet for their work.
    Still enjoying your wonderful videos.
    Kindest regards to you and Ritchie.


  2. It never occurred to me to donate those lovely little envelopes to our local gift shops in our hospital and a local nursing home. I really appreciate your idea and will definitely pass it along in the video. I actually laughed when I opened her box, as there were literally hundreds of envelopes, and I can’t think of any crafter that could come up with enough ideas for them. I really appreciate you giving me this idea, as I would bet that there are a lot of people who make little envelopes almost like a hobby, with their envelope board, then have no ideas of what to do with them. Thanks again, and Rich will definitely appreciate your kind note to him. He always loves hearing from viewers, as I’d never be able to do the channel without him. He does all of the editing and the music, and he is the unsung hero of the channel. It’s so nice of you to recognize that…..Sandy


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