Great Mail, Plus a Fast & Easy Envelope Album / Book

I got some great envelopes and embellishments from my friend Rhonda and her little girl, Faith, as well as some lovely thank you notes from Puerto Rico.. Rhonda had gotten a lot of handmade envelopes from a friend and wasn’t sure what to do with them, so sent them to me for ideas. I have two, and decided to make a small flip book/album with some of them to share with all of you today.  I share my other idea in an upcoming video.

To make an envelope flip book, it’s best if your envelopes are all the exact (or as close as possible) size. Take your largest envelope for the front cover, then open the envelope so the front of the envelope is laying on your desk. Take a second envelope with the front of the envelope facing you, and push the “V” of the closure of the second card, into the opening of the first envelope, then lay the second envelope over the first envelope and put some glue along the edge of the top of the envelope. Don’t push the envelope past the score line and make sure when you fold your new envelope on top of the others to line it up, so the book is straight and then glue it in place. I found if you glue it before pushing the “V” into the first envelope, it gets stuck and is too tricky to do. If your envelopes have a point sticking up in the back, cut it off so it’s straight across and easier to push into the other envelope. Once you’ve put as many envelopes into your book as you want, you’ll want to score the top by the width of the thickness of your envelopes and it’s probably only 1/8″ and score past the score line 1/8″ to make it so your book will close and look more professional.
I added a piece of 2″ by the length of my book (4 1/2″) and scored it on the 2″ length at 7/8″ and 1 1/8″ then put tear tape on the back and wrapped it around the binding of my book. I used some butterflies and a piece of lace to decorate the book.

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