I’m a little worried about the videos we shot yesterday, as some are coming up as faulty, so will probably not play.  I’m not going to look at them until later, as I don’t want to ruin my day…Instead, I’m taking one of my closest friends out for lunch for her birthday, and then Rich and I are meeting college friends to go to a movie.  Rich and his male friend are going to see “Rampage,” not my kind of movie…Gorilla’s get huge and there’s a huge flying alligator, so I’ll pass.  The wife of our friend and I will be going to see Chappaquiddick.  I was really young when that event happened, so I’ll be interested to hear how they depict the events of that evening so many years ago.  I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of it.  The four of us went to see a “Quiet Place” last week and we really liked it.  They had so many innovative ideas about how to handle aliens that can’t see, but can hear everything, and that was so much fun to watch.  Especially as she was pregnant and had a baby…you keep thinking, how will they handle keeping the baby quiet, and of course, there’s a great plan that you never really figure out until they show you.  I’ll say this, the movie wasn’t the only “Quiet Place,” as the theater was completely silent for the entire movie, like every person there was holding their collective breaths, and I think they probably were.  Emily Blunt was amazing, and so was her husband, who also directed it.  You could see every expression play out on their faces, as the number of spoken words in the movie were less than fifty.  An amazing accomplishment, and so scary….you definitely should go see it in a theater if you can, because it’s so funny how the crowd buys into the complete and total quiet.

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