Today, Rich and I went to “Adventures in Stamping” in Akron, Ohio.  It’s about two hours from us, and I really enjoy going to these stamp shows, as I learn a lot of different techniques and what new products are being launched.

I wanted to video tape several crafters who were demonstrating techniques.  I asked Rubbernecker Stamps if they would do a video, and they said yes, so we made a nice video with the owner, David Miller.  I spoke to David a year ago and he sent me a box of products.  I found some really interesting felt stamp paper that they sell, and bought a pack to try out.  During the videotaping, a woman asked me if I have a YouTube channel and said she recognized me, then several other ladies in her group said they’ve watched my channel too.  I was so impressed that people recognize me from my YouTube channel, and was blown away by it.

Then I went a booth sponsored by Impression Obsession, and they did a really great demonstration with large background stamps and gave me the image they created in the end.  I loved it and they did such a great job explaining their products and tools.  Then onto Close to My Heart, where they let me make my own card and video tape it.  And it was so much fun.

And lastly, and most importantly, I met Wendy Vecchi…..one of the people that works with Tim Holtz.  She’s created her own line of inks, that just rolled out on Monday, and I bought them and thought I’d work with them for a video or two, since they are so new.  I could watch Wendy create all day long, as she’s so creative and her projects are just lovely.  I think you’ll really enjoy watching how she makes her projects come to life.

It was a fun and exhausting day, but it was all worth it.  I have four videos to share with everyone and hope you will enjoy them, and their different takes on techniques…

4 thoughts on “4/28/2018

  1. That sounds like such a fun time. Do you have any of Wendy’s archival inks? I would love to see a side by side comparison with her new line as I’ve heard the colors are the same, just a different formula. I love all of my archival inks for my rubber stamps and would also like those same colors for my clear stamps. Thanks


  2. I’ll have to check my archival inks. I know they are Ranger, but don’t know if they are hers or not. The blending on her new inks was amazing. I bought four pads, as the colors are exactly the same as her archival colors, but only 12 are available. I wasn’t crazy about a lot of her colors (to be honest), so maybe I don’t have her archivals. She used Tim’s blending tool and didn’t even start off the paper, just went right onto the surface…You’ll be able to watch for yourself, as it was later in the day, and Rich and I were ALONE with her at her booth, and when I asked if she would allow me to video tape her and put it on my YouTube page, she said sure. She wanted time to think about what she wanted to say and do, and then did a great presentation. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get her to myself. She was really kind and said her inks just became available on Monday, so it was the first show she’d done. I told her (before we did the video) that I thought her work was really elegant and she thought that was funny, but the cards she had sitting around were really lovely and elegant was the only word that I thought described them. I’m not sure how she sees herself as a crafter, but apparently not elegant.
    If I don’t have her archival inks, I’ll buy some on Joanns as they have all craft supplies 50% off now (including Tim’s Stamp Platform.) I’m going to buy one of those to see if others can use it or not (with physical limitations like mine.) It’s only $19.99 and $4 flat shipping, so a good time to buy. I’ll definitely make the video for you.


  3. Rich had SO MUCH FUN…You can only imagine. haha…He was a trooper. I was so excited to meet Wendy Vecchi, one of the designers for Tim Holtz. Rich, not so much. haha….


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