I’m really excited because I already got a notification from Ranger Ink saying they’ve already sent the inks I ordered.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to play with Wendy Vecchi’s new inks.  She made them look like blending was a breeze.  I have some ideas of some cards I’d like to make that will involve blending, and these should work perfectly for me.  Of course I didn’t need any more inks, but these just spoke to me.  I love trying new things, and can’t wait to play with these.

As for the other demonstrations I videotaped, I’m going to make a corresponding video so that you can watch me using the same techniques after the original video airs.  I might even combine each into one video, or, if time goes too long, will separate them.  I had to separate the Wendy Vecchi video because I didn’t get all of the inks I wanted, but I think I’ll be able to show the rest of the techniques at the same time as the demonstration at the stamp show.  I have so many videos that need to be uploaded and need Rich to jump on them.  He says he’ll upload one tomorrow…

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