Rich and I spent a significant portion of today looking for a memory card that got misplaced.  I have a fairly good system for Rich and editing.  I use composition notebooks, with a small envelope glued inside the cover.  I write notes on each video, then put the memory card in the envelope and give him the book.  I have a rotation of four composition books, so he should always have one to work from.  Today when he went to put the scrap paper card video up, the memory card was no longer in its envelope.  I normally wouldn’t panic, but this card had videos that couldn’t be replaced.  It had one of my cousin Shelli, and our friend Linda crafting with me, an album I’m making for our friends’ new house, and the scrap card video.

I decided not to panic, but after an hour of looking, I decided I’d be better off taking a nap.  We eventually found the memory card, but the anxiety the whole missing card gave me, ruined my day.  I really wanted to do something crafty today, but just gave up instead.  Sometimes it’s better to nap and read rather than fret about a missing memory card.

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