I finished my nephew’s graduation card and was happy with the results.  Although I bought a bunch of nurse inspired embellishments, in the end, I put them inside the card, as I didn’t need them on the front, and didn’t want to waste them by losing track of them until someone else I know, (no idea who) would also become a nurse.

I just gave Rich the sticks for the background technique and that video is going to take forever for him to put online.  I hope he doesn’t kick it to the curb, because it’s a long one…Sad to say, if one doesn’t go live tomorrow, no videos will go up until Monday when we get back from North Carolina.

I’m excited to see my family, but still not feeling my best, and don’t like to travel when I my arthritis is having a meltdown.  Sometimes this disease can be really frustrating, and I realize that there are so many things that are worse than arthritis, and I really try to stay focused on that.  I hate that I talk about it so much on the channel, but I use this as a way to destress at the end of a day.  It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try.

I’ll try to keep up at least a day or two while we’re in North Carolina, and I’ll give you an update when I get home..

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