Rich and I got back last night from spending the last four days in North Carolina with our nephew, who just graduated from University of NC Nursing School.  We spent the first two days with him and then my sister, my brother-in-law and his brother and wife came for the event on Saturday.

We’ve always been really close to our nephew, so spending quality time with him made the trip so special for us.  He took time off of work just to hang out with us.  We got to meet his girlfriend, who we loved, and spend some time with her as well.

Graduation was OK, in the basketball arena and kind of hot, long speeches, and a lot of waiting for the two minutes when your student walks across the stage.  They have a “pinning” ceremony, where the nurses have a significant person put their nursing pin on them.  Our nephew chose him mom, my sister, to pin him, as she’s not only his mom, but also an RN.  It was something special for them to share, and a lovely moment.  My sister has type one diabetes and has had it since age 4.  She’s 60 now, and she’s done remarkably well considering life expectancy when she was diagnosed, was twenty-five years with the disease.   She isn’t very stable on her feet, so they had a wheelchair to make sure she could get to the right spot and stand to pin him.  I was really proud and happy to be there, as was Rich.  We took a lot of photos and I’ll make sure to post one on my facebook page.

As for crafts, I did find a Jerry’s Art-a-rama there.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with their online website, they sell just about every art related thing you can think of.  I had so much fun just walking around and trying to figure out the uses of certain tools.  I didn’t buy much there, but it definitely was a lot of fun to roam around…

I’ll be posting videos again tomorrow and apologize for the big gap on the blog.  I wanted to write on it while I was away, but didn’t think you’d want to read a recap of the things I ate every day, as that was basically the focal point of our time there.  (OK, when isn’t it?)

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