Today I went to a couple of garage sales with my girlfriend and I found some really fun metal plumbing tape that should be able to be die cut.  I can’t wait to try it, and when you only spend a quarter on it, it’s not too painful if it doesn’t work.  I also had to buy more cover paper at Joanns, for the album I’m making, as I punched holes through the back cover when it should have been the front….these things happen.

It was really muggy here today, which screamed “nap time” to me.  I was really worn out from all of the sweating I was doing (standing in two garages), that I couldn’t take it, and came home and took a much needed nap.  Is it me, or do naps become a rite of passage as we get older?  I’m thinking everything that goes around comes around.  We take naps as children, and as aging adults we take them as well.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to hold off the diaper phase as long as possible, and am seriously crossing my fingers on that one.

Rich took the dogs for a walk and they came home exhausted from the humidity, making me feel less old, and more sweaty.  They always run into the house and find me wherever I am, and hang with me.  Today, I was laying in bed (yes, back to the nap) and they were panting on me for as long as I could take it, which wasn’t very long.  I just am not equipped to have two big dogs pant on me (or is it at me?) when I’m already warm.  It was 95 degrees in North Carolina, and I was more warm here at 80 degrees, and I really thought it was humid there.  Huh, weird how these things work….Tomorrow, we’re spending some time with friends watching the Dead Pool movies, and I’ll give you my opinion of the second one when I update you tomorrow.  When you’re married, you normally mainly attend manly movies, and it’s the least I can do for Rich, considering the work he does for my YT channel.

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