Can you believe the month of May is gone so soon?  Seems like it was snowing a week ago.  OK, not a week but it definitely snowed earlier this month here.  It went from winter directly into summer, and I’m still acclimating.  Rich just put our furniture on the patio yesterday, as it just didn’t seem like the weather was nice enough to sit out there until this week.

Last night, I was putting together all of the video clips for the album video, and dropped one of the memory cards under the recliner I was sitting in.  Rich found it plus an extra memory card that I didn’t know I’d lost there.  I was thrilled to find the lost videos from the day I spent crafting with my cousin and our friend Linda.  I thought the videos were lost on a bad memory card, and was so happy, as one of my pet peeves is losing videos.  And speaking of losing video, I had one last video to show from the stamp show we attended.  I was at the Close to my Heart booth and made a card, then got a tour of their products.  I accidentally deleted me making the card, so I’m leaving it up to Rich to decide if there’s enough information on the remaining video, that viewers would be interested in watching.  I don’t want to waste viewers’ time, if it’s not very informative.  I guess we’ll wait and see what he thinks.   I did start working on a few ideas for some upcoming videos.  I’m going to do an inexpensive watercolor paper comparison video and an embossing powder instructional video explaining the different types and their uses.  Then I bought a few different brands of silver embossing powder to see if one performed better than another.  I might also try embossing on different paper brands to see if that affects the end results as well.


2 thoughts on “5/30/2018

  1. I was just going to send you and Linda an email telling you that the video is now up. I’m sorry that it’s so choppy, but that’s all the footage that lived to tell the tale. Darn it.


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