I went to several garage sales yesterday, then forgot to blog about it.  I found very few bargains, but did find a box of 4″ white ceramic tiles that I’d like to make a craft project out of.  I’m not sure if I’ll make some coasters, but thought it would be fun to distress the edges of scrapbook paper and then Mod Podge it to the tiles.  I’ll be thinking about how I want to go forward, as I found some other good ideas of techniques to use for them.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading.  I’m a big fan of suspense writers, and although they aren’t Oprah Book Club worthy, (does she still do that?), I enjoy reading them.  I’m a fast reader, and by that I mean I skip a lot of descriptive language.  I could have lied and said I’m a fast reader, and let you believe that I read like Speedy Gonzalez (that just dated me didn’t it?), but the truth is the truth.  I skip a lot.

Rich played in a golf outing and came home feeling terrible.  I was worried that he would, as his lower back and sciatica are both really tight.  He said it was so bad that he basically sat in the golf cart and only played when they absolutely had to have him.  It was a golf scramble, and if you aren’t familiar with them, your team of four people all hit the ball off the tee, then the team plays the ball that went the farthest and is placed the best, and they do the chipping the same way, and putting the same.  So when his team had no good shots, Rich had to swing, and it really hurt.  I bring this up because today we are basically doing nothing.  He’s been napping on and off (as he didn’t sleep well from the pain), and we rented a couple of movies for later today…Black Panther (that we saw in the theater, but he wanted to watch again), and the third in the Maze Runner series.  We primarily watch man movies, as he’s a big fan and I’m OK with watching them.  The only two exceptions are movies with rape, and movies where animals are abused or dogs die.  I know it’s all fiction, but I just can’t watch either.  If we’re in a theater and we didn’t expect one of the two things, I just cover my eyes and hum really low, so no one hears but me.  Yes, I’m that freaked out.

So now that I’ve got you caught up, I’m going to find out if Rich is done napping and make him some snacks since he missed lunch.

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