It’s been a weird couple of days.  Rich’s oldest brother (twelve years older) committed suicide.  He had some serious issues and was due to be sentenced in court and probably spend the rest of his life in prison.  Rather than face the consequences of his actions, he chose to end his life.  We weren’t surprised, but feel badly for his two adult sons, as they have to handle the aftermath of his actions.

Then last night, I was talking to a very close friend on the phone while she was staying with her elderly mother for the night, and she said, “I think something’s wrong with my Mom,  I need to go.”  This morning she called me back and said her Mom passed away shortly after we talked.  She was ninety-one and had a full life.  Last year for her ninetieth birthday, her family took her to a Cleveland Indians game (her favorite baseball team), and they showed her on the big screen in the stadium.  I’m sure that was the greatest day of her life.  She will be missed.

I’m on to other topics.  Rich is working on putting up a short video for a birthday card I made this week.  He’s still not feeling terrific from his hip treatment, but better than yesterday.  I wish there was a quick fix for his issue, as he’s having a difficult time sleeping and that’s never fun.

As for me, I went to the dermatologist today and have to have a spot biopsied.  I’m super fair skinned and my Mom had melanoma, so need to have my skin checked often.  I’ve had a lot of spots taken off, and it’s not hard to do, just one of those things.

Let’s face it,…Some days are better than others.


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