6/29/2018 & 6/30/2018

I spent Friday morning going to garage sales and it was the best garage sale day of the year.  I’m not saying I bought a lot of things, but I did find a few things that made me really happy.  Since our neighborhood bear has been helping himself to my bird feeders, I’m always happy when someone else is getting rid of theirs, so I don’t spend a lot of money to have them destroyed a few months later.  I was smarter this year, and took the feeders down before the bear found his way to them.    Bear 4, Sandy 1….Not that I’m keeping score.

It was getting really hot, so we threw in the towel and that was fine, because I’d had enough.  If you didn’t know, I get a little whiny when I’m overheated, so it was a good thing we came home.

Today I made two videos and then realized (when getting it ready for Rich to edit) that my head was in the frame for a lot of the first video.  I can’t tell you how dumb I feel when that happens, so I’ll be remaking that video.  Drat!  The other video is for a diamond fold card, and I think viewers will really like making this card.  It’s easy and really versatile…so I made three of them.  Two with chickens on, because chickens are apparently “in.”   Who knew?  Apparently the makers of stamps determine the trendy bird, and chickens are big..  They were fun to color and the cards are pretty frisky, if I have to say so myself, and apparently I do. (I’m hoping you’ll get a kick out of them too, so I’m not the only one.)

We were invited to friends’ house for supper and I was a little hesitant because people have been setting off fireworks, and Honey freaks out with popping sounds, but thought we’d be home before dark.  Unfortunately, we got home a little after dark and the fire works and fire crackers were already going off, so poor Honey had gotten so scared, she had diarrhea in her cage.  It took me almost thirty minutes with her sitting on my lap before she calmed down.  I feel like a rotten pet owner, and won’t make that mistake again.  It’s now almost midnight, and she’s finally sleeping on the chair beside me, so all is well in her world again, thankfully.

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