I really wanted to find an idea for a video that was a little out of the ordinary…so I decided to do a video on two ways to use your iron for crafts.  Let’s face it, we don’t really use our irons for much else..at least I don’t.  If I’ve got a wrinkle in something I’m wearing, I put some water on it and hope for the best…Yes, I’m that classy!

So I made the video showing how to take the embossing off after you’ve heat embossed something, and also showed how to adhere napkins to card stock to make your own designer paper.  I want to make a box card and my theme is the county fair…I got my last Hero Art’s monthly kit, and it was fair themed, so I thought it would be perfect for this project.  Our nephew and his family are coming to stay with us during our county fair, and they love going there with us, so I thought I’d send them this card to remind them of the fun we’ll be having together.  I’m making a box card, and I finally found directions that will work for me, where I don’t have to stick my fingers inside the box to line up the little “shelves,” and I think it will make this card a lot more accessible for my viewers as well.  It’s one of those cards that is so “fiddly” (like my UK friends would say), because you normally have to stick your fingers inside, and I’m not going to even attempt that trick.  I’m not sure if the video will appeal to a lot of people, but I think the card I made is going to turn out well, at least I hope it is..

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