I’d like to say that I got busy in the craft room today, doing something, anything, but sadly, I did not.  I think it’s the weather…Sunny and hot one minute, raining the next.  It sounds crazy, but when the barometric pressure changes, my joints aren’t happy and let me know it.  So instead of doing anything productive, I watched a couple of new YouTube videos and read.

Yesterday we went to friends and watched the new version of Jumanji.  It was cute and one of those movies that you watch when you just want to relax…There’s no one suspended from a burning skyscraper, or any scenes that later give you nightmares…just a fun, family type movie.

I went to a few garage sales with my girlfriend this morning, and bought a couple of plants that will spread in my island, and that’s about it.  I had high hopes for a couple of the places that we went, and was a little disappointed,  but that’s the nature of garage sales..You never know what you’ll find, and that’s the part that’s fun..(or disappointing, however that particular day turns out.)

I just finished Lee Child’s book entitled The Midnight Line, and really enjoyed it.  I’ve read all of his books, and this one was one of my favorites.  It’s really well thought out and I recommend it highly.

Rich and I were going to take the Mustang for a small road trip tomorrow, as it just came back from the shop (needing a new carburetor), but the chance of rain is 70%, so I might be cracking open another book instead.  There’s a good chance I’ll make a card as well….but I wouldn’t hold my breath if it’s a rainy day.  That darn barometer….

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