I haven’t been feeling well the last few days, as I have dry mouth from my arthritis, and I was given a prescription for it, and it makes me feel carsick.  Weird, I know, but I’m so nauseous and finally, after three days, decided to look at side effects.  There it is, nausea vomiting, etc,  I’m just glad we figured out what was causing it, as I haven’t been able to go into the craft room since I started taking it.  All it’s supposed to do is hydrate my mouth…You wouldn’t think it would have big side effects, but I’m kind of lucky that way, and get all of the weird things that a medicine might cause..

So luckily, I’ve had several videos done and waiting for Rich to upload, and he still has one more to go.  I’m hoping it will go live tomorrow or the next day, and maybe I’ll get back in the craft room tomorrow for a small crafty video.  I have a few things I really want to do, and one in particular, seems really fun.  I’m going to make a potato chip bag for Halloween for my trick or treaters.  I only get ten or twelve kids, and give them a full size candy bar, so this bag will make it a lot more impressive.  I want to at least give it a try so I know whether or not I want to follow through and make enough for them.  I saw this done where they put a piece of acetate in the front like a window, but I don’t know of any chip bags that have a window, and I am want mine to look more authentic.  I still might decorate the front, but that remains to be seen….Let’s try the bag first, and go from there.

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