Today, Rich and I went shooting.  OK, he went shooting and I sat in the car and read.  When Rich retired, he didn’t have a ton of hobbies, mainly photography, and a college friend took him shooting a couple of years ago and he really enjoyed it.  He’s really athletic and super competitive, and target shooting with friends, struck a cord with him.  Of course we had to go pistol shopping, so he could find “the one,” and I can appreciate that, as I have to find similar craft tools.  He’s not a hunter, thankfully, and never will be, but has really taken to skeet and target shooting.  If you’re not familiar with the term “skeet,” it’s the same as clay pigeons and if you’ve ever watched a movie where the men had rifles and yelled “pull,” you know what skeet are.  They’re basically round clay discs that are thrown into the air by a machine, and every one you hit counts toward your score.  He has only participated in one competition, and did fine…not to his standards, but you can’t be perfect on your first try, can you?

I watched him target shoot and he did really well.  I love watching how intense he is when putting the gun in the holster and pulling it out, taking aim, then firing.  It reminds me of the westerns we watched as kids, where they’d have a duel, or the western equivalent…He kept the targets for me to see up close, and he hit the target with every shot.  Not bad for a guy whose only done this five or six times in his life.  I have to say, I’m impressed.

On our way home, we stopped in our town square, as the moving Vietnam Wall  was here this weekend.  You can’t look at that and not cry, as there are so many names, and it’s heartbreaking…not only for the loss of life, but for what the veterans who returned home had to face.  I was young, but still remember how hard that was to hear about.

Rich took a lot of photos, and I’ll be sure to put some up on the facebook page, or put them here, or both.  I’d like to say that I’d remember to put it on both sites, but I have a tendency to forget things like this.

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