A Simple Album DIY Plus Gifts & Small Stampin’ Up Haul

I watched this album being made by Lyriclover810, and thought it would be fun to make for Halloween. I bought four sheets of loose scrapbook paper at Joanns for this project…My paper wasn’t perfectly square and it would have been better if I had used a pad of paper, as all of it would have been the same size.
You’ll need four 12″ x 12″ pieces of scrapbook paper, not super thin, as you need it to be sturdy enough to create an album. Score each sheet at 6″, then turn it one turn and score at 3″. Do this to all four sheets. Then fold the paper in half and burnish with a bone folder or anything that will flatten your paper. Fold the 3″ scores toward the raised score (and not the indented score) to create pockets. Take wet glue and glue the two outer edges with a fine line of wet glue. If you want to round your corners, do this before gluing it down. My corner rounder is from Amazon and here’s the link to it. http://tinyurl.com/ydf9a6w6
I rounded all of my corners.  The bottom ones might be difficult to round, so press your rounder hard enough to leave an impression on the paper, then use scissors to cut it.
Once all four papers are scored and folded, you’ll want to glue them together. If you use double sided paper, the middle two sheets won’t show on the outside, as they’ll be hidden with other papers…so if you don’t like one side of your paper, put it in the middle of the album with the ugly sides on the outside (not where the pockets are). The outside two pages will show both the inside and outside.
To glue them together, fold them, then glue the back of one to the front of the next. I used Elmers glue stick on the page on the left side and Tonic Funky Glue Pen on the page on the right.  Make sure all four corners are perfectly lined up before going on to the next page.
To create a binding for the album, cut a piece of coordinating paper that is 9″ long by 1″ to 1 1/2″ wide. If your binding is thicker, you’d want to make yours 1 1/2″ wide like mine. If your paper is thin, you can get away with using a 1″ wide piece. You’ll need to put tear tape or ATG glue on this strip to ensure it adheres well. Center the 1 1/2″ wide part on the binding, making sure it’s laid so the 9″ length is even on both ends of the album. Bend the edges of the 1 1/2″ piece and fold them until they meet the album and press down on both sides. I also pressed the center on my craft mat so it was flat. I put binder clips on it to ensure it stayed in place until the glue was set..
The papers I used to decorate are from Graphic 45 and the set is called Rare Oddities. It’s a retired set of paper, but you still should be able to find some of it on Ebay or Etsy. I decorated the album almost solely from the 8″ paper pad and ephemera set that you can buy separately.
I used pearls from Stampin’ Up and colored the pearls with a Copic marker to ensure it matched the album.
I got a box of goodies from my friend Kelly, and showed it in the video….I bought some things from Stampin’ Up that are discontinued. If you are looking for any of these things, here is the information on them. Since these are being discontinued, you might want to shop sooner, rather than later if you’re interested in them.
Black Metallic Thread #141695
Pearl Buttons #138394
Just Add Color Designer Series Paper #144180


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