10/6 and 10/7/2018

I had a terrific time at the stamp show.  We weren’t there ten minutes before a woman pulled me aside and asked if I have a YouTube channel, and to tell me how much she enjoys it.  It fills my heart with so much happiness whenever I talk to someone who truly enjoys the channel…and Rich is happy too.  We never expected to grow the channel to the point that someone would recognize me, but we’re so happy that it’s grown to where it is today.

I video taped several demonstrations and one woman, in particular, was really impressive.  She used a lot of different Tonic products, and I learned a lot from her.   Don’t worry, we’ve got at least two, maybe three videos where she demonstrates them and one I’d never seen before.  They are making a watercolor shimmer powder similar to Ken Oliver’s Color Bursts.  I’m seriously considering buying them and using them like a watercolor in a palette.  I don’t like using them like most crafters do, where they squirt the powder onto paper and then wet it to see what they get.  I know I’ll make a mess if I attempt that…My thought is to put some in a palette, wet it, and then brush it onto a surface.  I’m trying to talk myself out of buying them, but I wanted the Ken Oliver ones, and they don’t have sparkle, but these do….decisions, decisions…..

We watched a woman who represents Art Impressions who does watercolors with their stamps and markers.  Honestly, she’s a true artist, even signs and dates her images…But unfortunately, Rich held the camera for the first three-quarters of her watercoloring, and when I took over, I couldn’t get the camera to focus, so the last part, the most important part, is too blurry.  I hate it when my camera won’t focus, as it completely ruins the video….darn it.

And lastly, we found an idea at the stamp show for Rich’s Christmas card…The vendor did a “make and take” where you pay them $3 and they show you how to do a technique.  They sell stamps that look very similar to a Mandala.  They give you four of the same image on different colors of card stock.  Then they have you cut out different parts of the image on each color card stock and then put glitter and crystals on the finished image.  I liked the idea, but didn’t want viewers to have to buy their stamp to make it.  I knew I had a coloring book with simple Mandalas, and found one that I think will work for this…So I cut it out and made copies, and tomorrow, I think Rich is going to make his first video.  It should be a lot of fun…

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