When we went to the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo, I did a “make and take.”  If you aren’t familiar with that term (I had no idea what it was until I attended a stamp show,) you pay a fee, sit at a particular booth, and make whatever they have pre-determined.  In my case, I went to Stamplistic’s booth, and made a 3-d make and take that was fun and glittery.  When I got home, I decided to turn it into a card, so made it today.  I was also given an image made for me at Sprinkle & Sparkle, and made that into a card as well.  Unfortunately, I needed two sympathy cards and I liked the idea of making a sympathy card that was simple and pretty.

I also worked on the final steps for Rich’s card video.  The make and take I did involved a stamp that reminded me of a Mandala.  I thought it would be an easy card for Rich to make once I showed how to decide what to cut, and how to do it.  Since we’ll be including a link to a free file for you to use, you won’t have to buy your own stamp to do this.  If you have a book of Mandalas, you can pick out one of those and from my directions, figure out how to make your own as well.  If you aren’t familiar with Mandalas and are over the age of forty-five, you probably remember Spiro-Graph from when you were a kid.  A Mandala reminds me of the results we got from a Spiro-Graph…OK, the results remind me of what our results should have looked like….the picture on the box lid..  I never had great results, as my pen never stayed in the spot it was supposed to, and I didn’t have the patience to do it slowly, in order to keep the pen where it was intended.

We’ll be putting up the giveaway for the Halloween album, and I hope someone wants it…I wouldn’t be surprised if only a few people are interested in winning it, as fewer and fewer people celebrate Halloween, or dressing their kids for it.  When we were kids, our costumes were pretty pathetic, and we went as hobos fairly consistently.  I love how people buy their costumes now….in our day, if a costume was purchased, it was a plastic mask that was really hot, you couldn’t see out of the tiny holes, and it never stayed where it was intended…The good old days. haha..


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