I’ve been cleaning and organizing my craft room for the last couple of days and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere.  I love to organize, but no matter how much I have tried in the past, I just haven’t felt like I organized to the point that I could find things easily, and that’s not really organizing….it’s more like moving things around.  So I bought ten photo storage boxes at Michaels on sale, and I started putting wooden stamps in them and writing the types of stamps in each box on the side with a label maker.  (If you didn’t know this already, my handwriting is atrocious.)  Once I had them labelled, I put them on a lower shelf so I can easily reach them.  I thought I liked the idea of being able to see all of my wood stamps, but now when I’m in the craft room, my nose runs, and I think it’s from the dust that’s accumulated around and behind them.  It was definitely time for a change.  I need to do something similar with my pens..I have all kinds of markers in different boxes and all do basically the same thing.  I think if I can find the ones I really like, then I should be able to donate or gift the rest.  I’m also creating a box of things to get rid of, and you know I have a lot of that.

So honestly, this is the first time that I’ve felt good about my organization, and feel like I can make this work in the long run.  Every other system I’ve had, hasn’t felt like that…more like a temporary fix to a really big problem.  Wish me luck, as I’m hoping tomorrow I can finish the job unless I run out of boxes…then I’ll be making another trip and delaying my organization until another day….darn it…

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