I’m starting to think about all of the different social media that is attached to a YouTube channel.  Since my channel isn’t monetized, (meaning I don’t make money from it,) do I really need to have the other social media?  I’d really like advice from those of you that read this blog.  I do the blog because I always thought you had to have a blog if you have a YouTube channel.  I have an Instagram account, but only because (at the beginning) of my YouTube channel, A C Moore contacted me to discuss using my social media for a possible link to their company’s social media, and specifically Instagram.  I had almost no photos on Instagram then, and still dread uploading photos to it, since I postpone until I have a bunch of videos that need uploaded there.

Since this is a hobby for me, exactly what elements of social media are necessary?  I think a lot of my posts here are repetitive, and wonder if there’s a benefit to those of you who read it.  Do you enjoy it and should I continue doing it, or would you rather spend your time doing something else?  I don’t really know what the answers are, I’d just like to get some input.

4 thoughts on “10/21/2018

  1. I really appreciate your input. I sometimes don’t know if there is an audience for all of the different forms of social media, but this one is definitely one that I get feedback from. I’m awed that you find me to be inspirational, and thank you for your kind words.


  2. I too enjoy your blog and videos, I choose not to use any other social media so this is how I keep up with your life, trials, dramas and successes. I am on your mailing list so most days there is something from Sandy to read. Do you know what I like best of all ?… it’s your truthfulness. If something has gone wrong and you strongly suspect it might have had something to do with you then you are upfront about it. Anyone who claims their lives are sunshine and chocolates everyday are just telling fibs, and this is specially so with crafters. Yes I follow a lot whom I think are truly talented and somehow they manage to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse but honestly, I bet even they have an “off” day when nothing seems to work. . Above all Sandy don’t feel guilty if you want to back off from all the media work, the time saved can be better spent, in your family life or crafting or with friends.


  3. I really appreciate you being honest with me. I guess the problem is that I don’t use other social media, so don’t know if others use mine. I love writing the blog, but instagram, even facebook, I feel uncomfortable in those media, as I don’t use them for anything other than my channel. I know most people stay in touch now through facebook, but I’d rather email someone to stay in touch with them.
    I didn’t want to stop the blog, it was the other social media that I was looking for advice on. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have people answer my questions that I throw out into the universe like this….Thank you for answering….


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