Creating a Glitter Background with a Stencil, Sparkle n’ Sprinkle

Beverly Cole, from Sparkle n’ Sprinkle demonstrated how to make a glitter background with double sided tape at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo Rich and I attended..

If you’ve never purchased anything from Sparkle n’ Sprinkle, here’s a link so you can get five free glitters.
Beverly starts with 2 1/2″ wide double sided tape link:
and took the back lining paper off of one side and gently laid a piece of cardstock on the side that’s now sticky. She rubbed it to make sure the tape was well adhered.  Next, Beverly removed the other release paper from the double sided tape to lay her stencil on.
Before Beverly adhered her Dreamweaver Stampendous stencil called Bare Trees (link:,
she rubbed the back of the stencil with Hawaiian Coconut Oil Soap (link:
so the metal stencil would not permanently adhere to the sticky tape.
Beverly made sure the stencil was well adhered to the tape, then took a clean flattened coffee filter, and put it under the project to catch her excess glitter. She used:

Purple rain glitter link:
Campfire glitter link:
Luao Green glitter
Black Ice glitter:

She starts with the Purple Rain glitter to do the skyline (top third of the stencil,) then uses the Campfire glitter for the middle third, and Luau Green for the bottom third of the stencil. With each color, she used a different filter and really burnished the glitter into the stencil with her finger to ensure the glitter covers the area she wants..…it’s really important to make sure the glitter covers the entire area, otherwise, the black will fill it in later, and that’s not what you’re looking for.
After Beverly used one color, she tapped the stencil over her coffee filter.  With Purple Rain, she put the excess glitter back in the bottle.  After that, you risk cross contaminating, if you put the Fireside into it’s jar from the filter, as the Purple Rain could be in there too..If you look closely at the glitter that’s in the filter and it doesn’t appear to have another color in it, you can put it back in the bottle..It’s best to use a little less glitter each time, just enough to cover the area you want in that color, and tossing the rest, so if it does have other colors in it, you won’t be wasting much.
After you’ve covered the entire stencil area with glitter, gently remove the stencil from the paper…You’ll want to try not to put your fingers in the sticky area, as it removes the stickiness if you do. Once the stencil has been removed, take the Black Ice glitter (with a filter under your project) and cover the entire thing with Black Ice glitter. Really rub it in and then take a glitter brush to remove any excess..
Glitter brush:

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