10/28 – 10/29/2018

I’ve been working on a card that is one the has a pull tab and pushes an image up into the center circle, and finally finished it.  It’s quite an accomplishment and took me a long time to make sure I was doing everything correctly, since I didn’t use a die.  I got it finished and handed it to Rich to demonstrate, he pulled the tab, and broke it off the pulley system. I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to cry…I’m not sure how to take the card apart, as it has about ten rows of foam tape holding the layers together.  Some days just don’t go like we hope they will.

I need to make a couple more cards in the next two days, as it’s one of my closest friend’s birthday and my sister’s birthday on the same day, November 2nd.  I’m already sweating because I’m late in getting my sister’s gift in the mail, so now that her cards not done, I’m feeling even more pressure.  Yikes, I need to get serious and fix today’s card (for my sister’s husband whose birthday was at the end of September….yes I know I’m a little bit late, and now I have two more cards to make.  I’m going to have to get serious about making them.

Did I already tell you about the three cards I made that were all the same except I used different mediums, so people would see that they don’t have to spend a lot of money on supplies to get a good look.  I used inexpensive watercolors, colored pencils, and alcohol markers, and you almost can’t tell which is which.  I think it’s a good project to help people really see the results you can get when using each product.

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