Trick or Treat at the Parkers

Every year Rich dresses up for our trick or treaters. He likes to decorate the front porch so it’s a little spooky, so I included that.
He only gets between 5-10 kids, and this year, sadly, only five, but he loves it and so do the kids. If there are any small children, he takes out his teeth and tells them he’s not really scary, and he always feels badly if one starts to cry…But the next year, that same child is ready and will try to scare Rich first.
I hope you laughed at the craziness that is the Parkers….

I bought the bat at A C Moore last year.
The door mat came from a store called At Home last year
The pumpkin Rich carved came from Joann Fabrics and he learned to cut the skeleton from a carving book we bought at Big Lots.

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