11/10 & 11/11/2018

I’ve been so excited to upload a video every day for the past few days, and have more to go live.  Sometimes Rich works in spells, and he’s doing a big push right now.  I want to make a Thanksgiving postcard to send to friends and family, and like to do that this time of year.  I don’t send a lot of Christmas cards, as people get a lot and they don’t seem to have the impact that you would hope….Saying I’m grateful to have people in my life (for me) is an unexpected gift, and maybe it’s more impactful…I’m not sure.. I just think it’s a better fit for me.  I like to send them to our college friends and our extended family, and close local friends.  It’s the perfect time to do it, and so today, that’s my project….I have anew stamp set that I got with the Simon Says Stamp card kit for November (or was it October?) that’s all about fall leaves and being thankful for friends and family.  I like using a different set every year, in case someone actually keeps my postcard…Then they’ll know it’s new and different (at least that’s how I am hoping they see it…

Yesterday I filled all of our bird/suet feeders.  I have a large bird population that depends on us (at least that’s what I tell myself.)  I don’t know of any neighbors that feed birds, and once my feeders are full, the birds are quick to follow.  Every year at garage sales, I buy several new feeders, as our area bear likes to ruin as many as possible in the spring.  He wakes up and I swear, heads to our house for his first meal.  He ruins at least three or four big feeders and two or three suet feeders annually.  This year I found some really terrific feeders and the birds are so happy with them.  When I was a kid, my parents loved watching birds eat, and had a feeder in front of the living room picture window.  At that point in my life I couldn’t understand the interest, but now that I’m retired and Honey and I spend so much time in a room that’s primarily windows, bird watching is fun for both of us.  (I think it’s like television for Honey.)

We had minor snow yesterday, but thirty minutes from us, had over a foot of snow.  That’s too much too soon, and I’m not looking forward to winter.  I do however, love Thanksgiving, and the food related to it.  My birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year (11/22), and I’ve never been fond of that.  It’s not the “getting older thing,” more I’ve had several “bad” birthdays.  My first birthday memory was age four when President Kennedy was assassinated.  It’s weird that I can remember that day, and having cake with two neighbor friends on a foot stool in front of the television, so our mothers could watch the events as they unfolded, crying.  Then mid teens when my sister had a seizure on my birthday and into college, when my mother had an emergency hysterectomy, and Rich’s mother being buried on my birthday years later.  There are so many more, ending with two years ago, when I bent over the clothes drier and my artificial hip popped out of the socket the day before. It’s not every year that’s bad, but I always breathe a sigh of relief when the day has passed.   At least this year, my belly will be full of turkey and stuffing, and that’s always a good thing…Let’s all cross our fingers that this year’s birthday is uneventful.  You’ll be among the first to know regardless.

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