I’ve been working on my Thanksgiving postcards, trying to find the idea I like best.  My first mistake was embossing all of the postcards with the sentiment before doing any of the other stamping.  I realized early on that I wanted to do a blend of oxide inks and then stamp the sentiment in the center and emboss it.  The problem I’ve been having is the embossing powder, once heated, doesn’t hold up under oxide inks.  I always thought that you can emboss an image and then ink over it, then wipe off the ink that’s settled on the embossed image….not so with the embossing powders I’m using.  Maybe it’s because I’m using a glittered embossing powder, as it just seems to fade into the background.  It’s been frustrating, and I think, going forward, I’m going to have to restamp the sentiment, after inking the postcard.  I’m going to try that once and see if I get a better result.  I’m also going to change to an embossing powder that has no glitter in it.  I might go with my tried and true system of Onyx Black Versafine ink with clear embossing powder.

If you had told me that I’d spent two entire evenings making postcards and none being good enough to mail, I’d probably have laughed at you….or cried, depending on the day..But so far, I’m still upbeat about my postcards, and think that once I get it right, the rest will just fall into place.  Boy, I hope it works out like that, otherwise, I might be  crying…

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