Yesterday, I got an email from one of the companies that said they would send me their monthly card kit at no cost.  The email said that I’m a “guest design team member.”  Holy cow!  I thought I was going to be doing a simple comparison of several monthly card kits, and now I’m a guest design team member.  I’m not sure if I’m up for the challenge, but I’ll give it a try.  I think I was more surprised than anything….I just don’t want to let them down.

I thought it would be a good idea to compare monthly card kits to see if some give a better value than others, and to find out if one has better options.  I’ve belonged to the Hero Arts kit for a year and a half and have only used one kit…the one with the county fair where I made a box card.  I loved that kit, but the rest have not been anything that I thought I would use.  So last month I joined Simon Says Stamps kit, because I seem to like the stamp sets in their kits better than those in the Hero Arts kits.  I’ve only gotten one kit and I really liked it.  I didn’t know I could contact them and tell them I don’t want the current month’s kit, and so this month, for the December kit, I contacted SSS and asked to skip that kit…No problem.  I joined Sparkle n’ Sprinkle’s kit and only got one, and found it to be a huge disappointment.  I don’t know how to say that on video, because I really like their products overall, but the kit was poorly put together and didn’t really seem to give you a good value for the price you pay for the kit.  So after only one month, I cancelled that subscription.  I bought a Stamps of Life kit they were selling on HSN.com and think it’s definitely worth the money….the others, I got for free.  One is from Spellbinders/Fun Stampers Journey and the other is from Scrapping for Less, whose the company that has asked me to be a guest design team member.  I asked other companies for a sample kit, but either didn’t get a response, or was told no thanks.  That’s OK with me, as I think I’ve got enough now for a fair representation of what people will be getting when they purchase these kits.

I finished the postcards and put the video up for the November SSS kit, and am happy that I also got the postcards in the mail  That’s the hardest part for me, actually putting things in the mail…I even had the stamps here, so it was just a matter of taking them to the post office….At least they’re on their way now…

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