A Review, Plus How to Use the Arteza Rotary Cutter, Plus Discount Code

I was lucky to be sent the Arteza rotary cutter to determine if I can use it, as well as showing you how to use the cutter and to offer you a discount code.  As usual, I  am not paid for sales of these products, but I love being able to show you tools I try out, as well offer discount codes for everyone.

The discount code is 10% and you’ll use the coupon code CraftingForAlmostEveryone1, which is valid until December 31th, 2018
Link in USA: https://goo.gl/cntscG
Link in Europe: https://goo.gl/Aw5cSD
utm-link to the product: https://goo.gl/4VyheV

Always leave the safety engaged as this blade will cut you…and I mean cut you…..There’s an orange button on the side, and you’ll want to push on that button and pull it toward you to expose the blade.  The blade has its size written on the side…mine is a 45mm blade.  You will receive the rotary cutter plus five blades when you order from the links.

To change the blade, unscrew the orange screw on the back and remove the washer then turn the cutter over and the blade will drop out with the screw in it…to put a new blade in, use the bolt with the screw attached, slide over the blade opening and put the blade onto the screw…Then put it through the opening on the cutter and put the washer on and then the screw it until it is tight.
You will always want to use a cutting mat that is self healing. If you use anything else, you’ll cut into it and ruin the surface beneath it. When you use the self healing mat, don’t put it in the sun as it will warp, and make sure you lay it flat, as if you don’t keep it laying flat, it will get a weird bend in it and you won’t be able to flatten it.
I recommend you also use a quilting ruler (or a wide ruler) so you have a large plastic piece to hold onto and something that you can cut against for a straight edge.
You should only cut fabric with the rotary cutter and at most, cut through up to four layers of a thinner fabric safely.
I found the Arteza rotary cutter easy to use, even though I am left handed. I tried with both left and right hands, and didn’t have any trouble using it.
Always keep the safety mechanism in place when you aren’t using the cutter, as it is super sharp.
I cut through a thin fabric, a craft fabric and felt, and I had no problem cutting any of it. You should only use the rotary cutter for fabrics.

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