Last night, near dusk, Rich and I were standing in our kitchen and I saw movement in our backyard.  If you don’t already know, we feed deer over a ton of corn every year….and they always know that dinner’s available at the Parkers.  Here’s what I saw and Rich photographed.buckIt’s rare for us to see a buck, and this one is so beautiful with at least eight horns (that we could see)…

It made our day…

Today we were inspired to do some shopping and went to Erie to run some errands.  I haven’t been able to find the mall tea lights from our Dollar Trees and luckily found them at the store there.  I bought six sets, so I have twelve lights to play with for the holidays….Then we went to Harbor Freight Liquidators, and I bought a cool metal container that holds metal pieces so you won’t lose them.  I think it will work perfectly for dies that I use often for sentiments, as well as any that I pull out and need to put away, but don’t want to lose in the meantime.  After we got home, I went to the craft room…

I made my card using the black ice technique…and I’m not sure I love it…but we’re putting it in the lineup of the seven easy cards….Guess I’ll wait to see what all of you think about it..

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