I can’t believe how quickly the seven days of easy cards has been speeding past.  I have only struggled with thinking of an idea on one occasion, and I think, in the end, that card came out just fine.  (I’m not saying which one it is, as it might be your favorite.

It’s still deer hunting season here, and every time I hear a gun shot, I worry that our deer are being killed, especially the buck we just saw this week.  I’ve always dreaded hunting season, as my dad was a big hunter, and was accidentally shot by his hunting companion during turkey season.  If you don’t know about turkey hunting, at least in Pennsylvania, the hunters wear all camouflage (at least they did in the 1990’s when he was still hunting), and it was something I always worried about..   In turkey season, the hunters use turkey calls to get the turkeys to come toward them.  My dad’s friend heard the turkey call and thought it was a turkey.  My dad saw him raise his gun and yelled and waved his arms, and his friend saw the arm movement and shot.  Luckily they were really far apart, so the buckshot spread over a wide area on dad and the area around him.  The scary part of the story was that my dad’s friend was older, and when he realized what he had done, he went into shock, and my dad had to lead them both out of the woods.  Dad had buckshot through his entire body and luckily, since it’s winter when they turkey hunt, he was wearing a lot of layers, and some of those stopped the shot from getting to his vital organs.  He had buckshot in his ear lobes, his fingernails, his legs, arms, neck, face, above one eye…..basically everywhere.  It was a horrible experience, and when I hear hunters shoot their guns, I always hope they know what they are shooting at…..and I hope if they do shoot an animal, that they don’t just wound it, as that’s a terrible way for an animal to die.   Let’s not think about that.

Instead, I need to think about what projects I need to do once the seven days of easy Christmas cards are done…..Maybe seven days of rest for poor Rich, haha…no luck…he’ll be back editing the next day…or maybe I’ll give him a day off…

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