It’s been a busy few days, as Christmas always seems to be….We spent Christmas with college friends, as our families are not in our area.  It was fun to share a holiday with another family, especially as they have three dogs, and two grand-dogs, who were also there….So five dogs, and we brought presents for all of them and watched the melee that ensued.  We spent the afternoon watching movies…A scary movie with Sandra Bullock (can’t remember the name), and the A Quiet Place, with Emily Blunt and John (long last name), her husband….It’s the second or third time we’ve watched it, and it’s a really good movie, and very tense…well worth watching, although not totally believable if you really think about some aspects of the story.  (I won’t ruin it for you, but I could, darn it.)

Then yesterday, we went to our closest family friends and spent the day.  Their father and Rich’s father were best friends, so Rich and the husband have been lifelong friends.  When we were younger, I got to know his wife, and we connected, and now consider ourselves family.  She lost her mother this year, so it was a really hard holiday for her to get through.  Their son is a screen writer in Los Angeles, and since he was home, we heard lots of great stories of things he’s working on.  It’s always nice catching up, and then we played Trivial Pursuit, TV and pop culture editions, and they wiped the floor with Rich and I…It’s the second year in a row that they’ve made us look like we know nothing…darn it, don’t you hate it when that happens.

So today I’m spending an idle afternoon catching up on comments and emails, and ordering some after Christmas things I wanted.  Honey is super anxious today (I think it’s because we’ve been gone two days in a row, and she’s not used to that.)  She was so upset, I was trying to do laundry, and gave up, because she needed to be right between my feet.  We’re back to our normal routine of spending our afternoon in the sun room, where Honey sits so she can keep one eye on me to be sure I don’t leave her.  It’s got to be so hard to be as anxious as she is….and two months on Prozac haven’t helped…

I wanted to do a video today, but will wait until tomorrow, as I think it will help Honey to have one day of total calm before I go into the craft room, as she’s not crazy about me spending time there either.  And yes, I do realize it’s excessive to let my dog control my life, but I’d rather do nothing and allow her some degree of calm, than accomplish something that makes her anxious.

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