A lot of us get free annual planners from our dentists,  car repairmen, hair stylists etc…..I was given two from our dentist and thought it would be fun for us to re-cover it….In an upcoming video, I’ll be showing you how to create your own large planner from scratch.
With this one, I determined by using my paper trimmer that the calendar is roughly 6 1/4″ tall by 7 1/4″ long from end to end with both covers open. I made sure the paper is cut so it faces in the right direction….
I put tear tape all over the cover of the calendar and removed the backing off of it from the back cover and lined it up on the right edge of the paper I cut. You have to understand that the calendar is not square, so you should cut your paper larger than you need. I had to realign the paper twice on the back cover because I didn’t lay it in the right spot. Before laying the paper down, add a piece of ribbon to the back close to the center and long enough to come out the bottom of the planner, about 12″ long…You can always trim it if it’s too long.
I added wet glue from Ad Tech fine line glue to the cover to make sure if the tear tape didn’t work, the wet glue would hold the paper down. After it’s glued together, cut off any excess paper from the back. I like putting pockets inside my planners, so cut paper 4″ wide and on an angle 2″ tall at the lowest point and about 4″ tall on the tallest. I scored the paper at 1/4″ and 3 3/4″ and the bottom edge at 1/4″ then cut the bottom corners out where the score lines meet.
I folded the sides in and then the bottom folded on top of the sides, and put wet glue under the side corners and put clips on the corners to hold them until the glue holds…then I put wet glue on the sides/bottom and trimmed out the top corner where the fold makes a piece of paper stick out that needs to be cut… I made a pocket on the front and back covers and did so by cutting one with the left side taller than the right for the front cover and one where the right side was taller than the left for the back cover.
I added an embellishment from the same paper pad that I bought at Michaels last year on the front cover and decided that was plenty. On the second planner, I added a silver layer under the front embellishment, otherwise, it was done the same way as the first planner.

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