I’ve been thinking of so many ideas I’d like to try on videos and yesterday made the card with gel and the school of fish stencil.  I had so much fun with it and hope everyone enjoys the card.  I think this technique has such a big wow factor, that anyone receiving it will be thrilled.

I’ve been making almost daily trips to the Dollar Tree, as I’ve been talking to several viewers about upcoming projects.  If you saw the video I made with my Christmas gifts and cards from viewers, I showed a really fun folder my friend Sherry made.  I wanted to do something similar, so today I took a Dollar Tree folder that also had a zipper compartment and turned it into a terrific work station.  I put a lot of different touches on it and it will be a great gift for people to give…I checked, and only a couple items didn’t come from the Dollar Tree, and wait til you see it, it’s so much fun.  I think lots of viewers will want to give it a try.  It’s pretty and super practical…I can’t wait to hear what people think of it.

I’m got another project that a viewer asks me to make.  She wants to make a gift box for a nail polish, a manicure set and a nail file.  I’m going to start working on it tomorrow or the next day and then I’m thinking about taking all of my almost empty candles and turn them into a new candle.  I’m talking to a viewer who makes and sells candles for a living, and he’s given me great tips on how to do this properly.  I’m really excited about doing it, as I have tons of candles that are in different stages of usage, and would like to turn them into new, better smelling candles…It’s going to be a fun January, that’s for sure.

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