I’d like to say that I have been busy in my craft room, but honestly, the urge hasn’t really been hitting me much over the last three days.  I did make one card (that I hated) and threw away, but otherwise, I wanted to hang out and read.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s a weather issue, or I simply lack motivation….I’ll go with lack of motivation for $1000 Alex…It’s a Daily Double.  I’m doubly unmotivated.  Is that possible?  I think it must be since I haven’t been able to make a viable video in days.  I’m going to force myself into the craft room tomorrow, and I will make a video.  I have a lot of ideas for videos, but not for cards.  Maybe I should watch some YouTube videos featuring card makers….I did try to do that today, and ended up watching videos about religious cults and identical twins with differing DNA results..I have absolutely no interest in either subject, yet somehow I watched at least a couple of minutes of both videos…And then I found a makeup video where a YouTuber used only clearance makeup….I think her idea of clearance makeup and mine are at opposite ends of the spectrum, as she spent over $300 on her clearance makeup, and the results weren’t amazing.  If I’d spent that much money, I hope I’d look like a movie star…I’m pretty sure it would take a lot more than clearance makeup for that.  Even if she did pay over $300 for it..

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