I got a call from my rheumatologist’s office, saying my level of inflammation was high, and that I needed to do a burst of prednisone.  For those of you who’ve never heard that term, it means I take 40mg of prednisone the first day, then 30 the next and 20 the next and so on, as it should basically throw my arthritis into a short term remission.  Of course it has side effects….I’ll have a bright red face and feel hot and cold at the same time, have trouble sleeping, and the list goes on…But it’s definitely worth it.  At some point, I usually have big bursts of energy, which is great, and I get a lot of things done when that happens.  It’s especially important, as this Tuesday, I have seven interviews lined up, and I have to be able to stay on task all day.  In preparation, I’ve been doing virtually nothing.  I started yesterday after the phone call from the doctor, then today I read and watched a few videos.   I’m hoping by resting now, I’ll save that energy for when I need it on Tuesday, especially since I only gave myself enough of a break to eat a power bar, drink some water, go to the restroom, then start all over.  I thoroughly enjoy interviewing the students, because I know how important it is for their early success, but am afraid I won’t have the stamina to make it through the day.   If that happens, my plan is to reschedule the later afternoon appointments for another day.  And if you know me, you know there’s almost no chance of me doing that.  I guess we’ll wait to see how it goes.

Rich has two videos to upload and I’m hoping he’ll do one tomorrow and then one later in the week.  He’ll be out with me on Tuesday and his brother is having heart surgery on Wednesday, so the next video might be later this week…

2 thoughts on “2/23/2019

  1. I hope the prednisone regimen is helpful. I also experience chronic pain in both of my hands. I can predict when it will rain!

    I really enjoy your videos. I have learned so much from them.


    1. I think they should eliminate weather people, as we can do a much better job of predicting weather changes than they can…haha I’m so glad you enjoy my videos and hope they inspire you to try new and different things. I wanted a place where people with hand/wrist issues could find the right tools for us and find techniques we can all try so we can stay active and continue to craft..Hope you’re feeling well today…the prednisone is making me look like I’ve just had the worst hot flash in my face….it’s almost purple…I hope it helps too…I don’t usually get calls about my blood work before an appointment, and it had more issues than what I talked about…liver related..I’m on methotrexate, and it can affect liver function, and these things always make me fret…


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