We’ve been having a crazy wind storm here for the last two days and so I’m still hanging around the house…We went to lunch today with friends, but otherwise, spent our time inside.

I did make a couple new videos today and Rich uploaded one.  I’ve been wanting to show off the Valentine’s cards I’ve received from viewers, as well as all of the new stamps just released from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, the peg stamp people.  They have some acrylic sentiment stamps that really made me happy, especially one that talks about how the card is handmade, and has more cute and snarky sentiments about not throwing it away….Loved that set best.

I had another video idea a while ago, about showing viewers how to create their own envelopes, and making their own envelope glue.  I’d seen Lindsay the Frugal Crafter make this glue years ago and kept the video to remind myself.  You’re probably wondering why you’d need glue for envelopes…if you make your own envelopes, there’s no adhesive on them, and if you use tear tape, maybe the recipient (and this would be when you send a gift set of cards) wouldn’t know what to do with the backing paper…you never know.  So I made the glue and two different sized envelopes and applied the glue.  I let it dry and I have to say, at first it tasted really nasty….But by the time the glue had dried, it was a lot better tasting than store bought envelopes you’d lick.  It was one of those moments before the final lick, that I was wondering if I would have to scrap the whole video if it tasted like crap…after all, the glue was an integral part and it would be kind of pointless without it.  People still might not understand a need for envelope glue, but I figured if they know how to make it, maybe they will give it a try.  It’s super simple, with only three ingredients….can’t get much easier than that.

2 thoughts on “2/24/2019

  1. The video will be going up by the end of the week..Rich has at least one more ahead of it. You’ll get a kick out of me tasting it…it was not very pretty when it was wet, but once dry, I have to say, the taste wasn’t as bad as many commercial envelopes I’ve licked….If you want the recipe ahead of time, I used Elmer’s Glue All (not the kids’ washable glue) 2 parts, to white vinegar 1 part, and cinnamon extract…I added a lot more than the recipe called for, then added a little more glue to make up for the extra fluid…I’d say I probably used about an 1/8th of a cup of cinnamon extract. Blended everything together and put it into a bottle that squeezes…You could actually make enough to empty your glue bottle and put everything back in that.. Hope that helped…I also showed how to make envelopes easily without any tools, other than a ruler and scissors (OK and a paper trimmer, haha)…..Sandy


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