We had a great day yesterday, having breakfast with three couples we went to college with,  all of the men played football with Rich…Oddly enough, I was friends with the men in the group (as I graduated with them), and really didn’t know their wives very well…until the last couple of years, when our good friend moved back to the area with his wife.  It’s funny how little their personalities have changed, but of course, time, and age, has taken its toll on their hair, their waists and let’s face it, we’re not young any more.  Darn it.

After breakfast, Rich and I ran a few errands, including going to Walmart (my least favorite place, especially on the weekend.)  But our vet just prescribed Honey a new anti-anxiety medicine and the vet recommended we go online to do price checking…Boy was she right.  Walmart charges us $11 and the closest price to that was over $30 at any of the chain pharmacies.  That’s pathetic.   So I had to stand in line, come up with a date of birth for Honey (I knew the day but had to figure out what year, and when you’re in line, you start to panic about holding up the line,) I recalculated in my head to come up with 2015.  I knew she was three, but thought that meant 2016….no, that’s wrong, well, you know how it goes…Lines in Walmart will do that to you.

We got home mid afternoon and had to spend time calming Honey, as a big change to her routine makes her crazy anxious.  I caught up on emails and read “No Man’s Land” by David Baldacci…It’s a good book from a series he writes on a character named Puller.  If you’ve ever read any of the Jack Reacher book series, the character has small similarities to those.  Rich and I have read all of the Reacher books and recommend them highly.  This series is good, but I’d say most of the Reacher books are better.  Look at me, book critic..haha….

I need to get into the craft room and work on a few things.  I haven’t made my sister her St. Patrick’s Day card and need to clean in there again…what a horrible mess.  I would love it if I walked in there once and said, “Wow, it looks great in here.”  I doubt that will ever happen.  I almost wish my craft supplies were able to be compressed into one piece of luggage.  Just think about how easy that would be to maintain.  We all know those days are long gone…and there’s no going back.

Rich has one more video to upload and I think he’ll probably do that today.  I’m sure I already mentioned this, but I made envelope glue, and just the taste testing I did is funny…It’s worth watching simply for that alone.  Off to the craft room…or maybe I’ll read…I think we all know I’m not going in there any time soon…

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