I still have the cold….yep, day ten, and I still sound terrible…Sadly, Rich also has the cold…it’s been a bad week.

My girlfriend’s mom, who was 96, and the lady I made the different door decorations for, passed away.  I couldn’t be with my girlfriend because of my germs, but she allowed me to handle the funeral luncheon.  I was so glad to have something to do to help.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to be able to buy the rest of the things we’ll need for Saturday’s luncheon, and after that, I’m going to make a video.  I know I’ve said that in the past week, (probably more than once), but I’m serious about it now.  I even have a plan.  I know, it’s shocking, but true.

On a happy note, our nephew just got engaged.  We couldn’t be happier for him,and we’re looking forward to his and his new fiance’s future..  It’s so much fun to see new love, and to watch it blossom.

And one more project for tomorrow…I have to mail my sister her St Patrick’s Day card.  I made it on video at the beginning of my cold, but the card did not turn out the way I’d hoped, and the video was a nightmare, so I’ll mail it to her and call it a day.  Some cards and videos just turn out that way for me.

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