I’ve been back in the craft room…I wanted to cover another note pad from the Dollar Tree and make it something that has a closure on it.  I’ve never tried to do that with the small pads, but this one will have a couple of pockets, and I wanted to make sure that nothing falls out of it.

I also made a haul video with some diy jewelry items that I’m going to make and hopefully they’ll turn out good enough to wear.  That’s the idea any way.  I’m going to review some products from a company called BeeBee Craft.  I showed the items they sent me in the haul, and so far, I’ll be honest, I’m not really sold on their jewelry tools.  They don’t seem to be of a very high quality, but maybe I’m not using them correctly, and I guess we’ll all find out together when I make the earrings on video.

I was also sent another few things from Arteza, and I have to say, I really like their products.  I love everything they’ve sent me, and have never been disappointed with anything.  They are so open to my ideas, and I love that they give discounts to my viewers.  Maybe they give you discounts because I don’t participate in their affiliate program.  If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs, it’s when a company pays the crafter a percentage for all of the sales generated from their videos.

If you’ve ever wondered why I don’t take any money from YouTube or any craft companies, it’s because I am on disability from the bank I worked at for twenty-five years.  They pay me a portion of my salary and if I earn any money, I have to report it to them, and they subtract that money from the money they pay me.  I would hate to risk losing that income in case I have a health crisis and can no longer do YouTube videos.  So now you know everything you ever wanted to know about me, and probably more than you really want to know.

Rich is editing a video tonight and it will go live sometime tomorrow.  We’re going to lunch and a movie with friends, so it won’t be until later in the day.  If you’re wondering what movie we’ll be seeing, it’s a manly action movie called John Wick.  I wasn’t thrilled about going (a lot of karate involved), but there’s a craft store going out of business in the same town as the theater, and Rich is taking me there first….So we both are doing something for the other person tomorrow…He loves craft stores…haha…

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