I’ve spent the last two days crafting with my friend Barb Tobias.  She is an exceptional flower maker, creating them primarily from a product called Foam Iran.  It’s a really light weight foam, much thinner than fun foam.  You cut it in your die cutting machine and then using an iron and different coloring mediums, you create realistic looking flowers.  I can’t wait for you to see the videos of us creating, as well as a sample of Barb’s flowers.  They are truly amazing.  Barb is a rare person, someone who won’t let any health concerns stop her from creating.  Several years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, and eventually had her arm amputated at the shoulder.  She is a better crafter than so many of us, and I’m proud to call her my friend.  Her husband, Jim, is a great guy, inventing all kinds of different tools to help Barb continue to craft.  They are such an impressive couple, and we were privileged to have them visit.

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