We spent most of the last week visiting our nephews and their families near Washington D.C.  It was a great trip, spending it with family, and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip.  OK, we had a few fights about the GPS, but that’s normal.  I will say this about anyone living near D.C., they are superstars when it comes to handling traffic.  We had issues with the GPS not being quick enough between turns and exits, and ended up going places we had no intention of seeing.  On the way home, somehow we ended up driving along one side of the Pentagon…Holy cow, how did we do that?  It was clearly my fault, but since we never go to D.C. to sightsee, it was great to see something important.  We’ve been there four times, and only drove around the city once…the rest of our visits were all about family…and honestly, that’s more important to me.

We had a small graduation party for our great niece and great nephew, who both go to the same high school, but are cousins.  It was so much fun spending quality time with them and their parents.  I wanted to take some video, but forgot my camera…I guess it was meant to be.  But unfortunately, our great niece sat and painted a pair of tennis shoes for her best friend, and I know our viewers would have enjoyed watching her do that.  I’m bummed it’s not on video…Darn it…these things happen.

But now I’m back and Rich is working on uploading the first of the foamiran flower videos, and one should be live tomorrow…

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