I haven’t felt like going into the craft room, as it’s been drizzling here for a week..or a month, or a year…it seems like forever.

But something happened today that I’m really excited about and I thought I’d share it with you.  Our great nephew graduated from a school in Florida (sorry, I don’t know the name) to become a music producer.  He’s not looking to make songs, but is looking to make the music and sound for video games, a field that’s really growing.  So we talked to him about making a sound track for my channel.  Something uniquely mine.  I gave him some ideas of music I like and he’s going to start working on it right away.  I’ll make sure I tell everyone all about it when we use the music for the first time, and we’ll also include his contact information in case someone, by chance, hears the music, and wants to use him for additional work.  We’ll be paying him so that it can go on his resume, and are excited to collaborate with him.  I’ve always wanted to have music that was all mine, and he’s going to be providing it for me…YAY!!

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