I finally have done it.  With Rich’ s help, we were able to video the mother and father house wren feeding their brand new babies.  It was interesting, as they fed their babies, the parents were removing a white rubbery gob of something…so I had to do some research and it turns out that it was their fecal sacs…who knew?  That tells me that the babies were brand new that day.  And with further research, I found that they will stay for 12-18 days and then the parents will stop feeding them, making it so they have to leave the nest to eat.  I wonder if the parents stay nearby, to ensure their babies leave the nest, and are safe when they do it.

I did watch a video of the babies leaving, and it seemed like they just flew away like the parents always did…I guess I didn’t expect that.  I really thought they would stumble before they flew…

But back to the current situation.  I’m not sure how or when the mother explains her danger voice, but as soon as she lets out what sounds like the same tone repeated over and over, her babies immediately stop chirping.  Isn’t it weird that they would know that on day one?  I’m blown away by these birds, and they have the most beautiful voices.  When they are singing just to sing, it sounds like this.  You’ll need to wait for about 30 seconds before it sings.  I think these could be my favorite birds.  I have to thank the YouTuber Bryan for this video.  Ours will be coming soon.  I may wait to see if we can capture the babies leaving the nest before putting up our video…

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