I’ve had so much fun this weekend. On Friday, my girlfriend and I went to garage sales, and normally, I’ll come home with two stuffed animals for the dogs and maybe one or two other things….And once a year, we’ll go to a sale where I’ll find so many things, I call it the best sale of the year….Friday wasn’t just one great sale, there were three or four, and I found so many fun and unusual things, I just don’t know where to start…I didn’t buy many crafty items, but did find a lot of useful household things, and decorative items for my nephew’s wedding…200 more white Christmas lights, still new in the box, and books….lots of books..Patterson, Sandford, Crais…all my favorites.  At one sale, I found a copper and brass weathervane with a rifle on top for our close friend whose an avid gun enthusiast…I called him, sent him photos of it, and he decided to make the owner an offer, and on Saturday morning, we got a call that the offer had been accepted.  He is thrilled.

Saturday we paid for the weathervane and then went to Ashtabula, Ohio, to visit our close friends at their beach house, and then went into Historic Ashtabula for a Wine and Walleye festival….we basically walked around, buying a trinket for the bride to be, and some dog bandanas from their animal rescue league.  It was so hot, the sweat was pouring off my neck.  It was so bad, our friends gave me a towel to wipe my head with….now if that’s not sweaty, nothing is….I never used to get crazy sweaty, but once I hit menopause, it was all over for me.  And the thing I think is really unfair, is that I don’t lose about twenty pounds when I sweat like that.  I honestly don’t think people wanted me at their booths because I was really gross.  My hair was adhered to my head like a downpour had hit and I didn’t have time to dry myself…..Nope that’s just sweat…gross..

Today, I decided to work on wedding things, as my sister isn’t physically well enough to do much and I’ve offered to do as much as possible, so our nephew has the best wedding experience possible.  I don’t know if I’m helping or hurting, but I’m doing my best to do something…Rich just left for basketball, so I think I’ll go into the craft room to finish an art journal page I’ve been working on, and to start playing with some jewelry I wanted to make..I guess you’ll need to wait and see if I actually do anything, or if I decide I’d be better off taking a short nap or watching television..I’m not really motivated when the temperature outside is over 80 degrees…I know, I’m whimpy…

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