Today, Rich and I drove to Erie to run some errands and buy some supplies I need to make the boutonnieres for our nephew’s wedding.  I decided that I should get started on the boutonnieres, as they require a matching ribbon, two different seashells, and something to adhere the shells to…I thought that maybe the thicker sticks for lollipops would work best..I’m not sure if they will, because they might be too long, but they were thicker than the short version, and I thought sturdy was more important than length.  You’ll be the ones to know if I’m wrong, because I’m going to video the whole process, so you can decide for yourself if I was meant to be a boutonniere maker instead of a YouTuber, haha…

I finally found a shadow box that I really liked for the bottles with messages for the wedding.  You’ll hear more about this in upcoming videos as well.  I want to get serious about making these things, as time is starting to run out.  I know I have over a month, but that could pass in an instant, if I dally, and there’s a good chance that I might.

I bought the first shadow box at Amazon and you can now return things to Amazon through Kohls, IF, you live within eight miles of a store.  Of course I don’t live anywhere near eight miles close to a store, and the first store we tried to return the shadow box that looks like a medicine cabinet, they told me I just needed to change the return address to the Kohls address where I’m returning it….Funny, that didn’t work…I think he was full of baloney, but oddly enough, the UPS charge did change to zero, so we thought, incorrectly, by the way, that we could return the shadow box to the Erie store…The first return attempt was in Hermitage, PA, but we didn’t have Rich’s phone with us to change the address, so took the shadow box home…Today, at the Erie store, the person manning the Amazon desk said he’d never heard of changing the return address, and the return label we had should be attached to the box and taken to Staples (who takes UPS boxes.)  I’m not sure if we will be charged for the UPS return or not, but so far, it didn’t show any charge when Rich printed the package label, nor did Staples charge us anything to take the box.  We’ll probably end up paying for the whole shadow box, as I saw a notice on the bottom of my UPS return slip that said we’d be responsible for any damage done to the package in shipment.  Isn’t that a sneaky way of getting out of giving us our money back?  I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple of days when they send us the “We’re so sorry you’re so dumb, and here’s how much it’s going to cost you email….”  I live an exciting life, don’t I?

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