I did one of those jobs today, that we all dread…I clean out my freezer.  It’s a side-by-side frig and freezer, so it’s not like the old days when you had a chest freezer, and either had to basically crawl into it, or the stand up kind that you never find anything that drifted to the back.  We did find some things we’d lost along the way, includng a Cool Whip from 2015 (gross!) and some mystery meat…I feel terrible when I see the things we’ve wasted, and try hard not to do so, but I needed a better system.  So today, I came up with one…Will it work?  I don’t know, but I’m hoping so.  I made each shelf a sticker and made sure that the only things on the shelf were what I wrote on the sticker.  It’s only a matter of time until we figure out that we don’t have enough fruit for that shelf, and way too much ice cream, or meat, and need to change things up, but for now, it really looks good.

I’m always happy when I’ve organized an area that’s been bugging me….My next step will be our hall closet that seems to be a catch-all for everything from Q-tips to cleaning supplies.  Anyone want to volunteer to help?  haha